Sustainability is a lifestyle and we're helping you take a step closer to it

Small everyday changes in our daily lives are sure to make a bigger impact and our sole objective is to make this choice easier, hassle-free, inexpensive and convenient

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FabricTree was born from the desire to live in a more balanced world, without creating excess waste.

All our products are made of natural materials. They are handmade and reusable, designed to create a conscious consumption cycle that benefits everyone.

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Spotlight on Sustainability

We seek to end production waste and its undesirable effects on the environment. Single-use plastic is the evil we're trying to fight with all our products being reusable and made of natural fibres.

Our conscious effort is to slow down the consumerist behaviour which is why most of our products are rather versatile and can be used as-you-like.

We prioritize the use of recyclable and ethically sourced materials and sincerely hope that this initiative will find support, appreciation and adoption by the larger community.


We want to live in a way that betters our planet and believe in maintaining the balance between human activity and natural processes. Most commercially produced products are leached with harmful chemicals and we have eliminated that completely. All our products are made of natural fabric, are ethically sourced and 100% handmade.


By prioritizing Biodegradable Products, we believe that we can help shift the market and enhance consumer awareness regarding the impact of their purchasing decisions. When you purchase an ethical product, you take a step closer to a sustainable lifestyle creating a long-lasting positive impact.

Trees From Above


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All products are handmade and produced in India

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